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¡Bellísima! Así es la abuela más sexy del mundo

Con dos hijos y dos nietos, Yazemeenah Rossi es la abuela más sensual y bella del mundo.

¿Quién dijo que para lucir bella y radiante debías ser jóven? ¡No señores!, Yazemeenah Rossi, una mujer nacida en la isla de Córcega y con más de 60 años encima demuestra todo lo contrario.

Tanto es así que con su atractiva figura y sus sensuales imágenes publicadas en redes sociales se ha considerado la abuela más sexy del mundo. A parte de ser un ejemplo mundial para muchas mujeres que desean lucir tan saludables como ella.

¡Por que nunca es tarde para lucir bella y radiante!

Thank you to Eve Barlow , Jo Jones, Simon Emmett, Mrs Robinson and all the team for this beautiful cover and more? #cover#story @guardianfashion @obsmagazine #? @simonemmett #fashioneditor @jojones_fashion #fashionassistant @billiebrand #makeup @pablo_rodriguez_makeup #hairstyle @richardscorer # Yazemeenah @mrsrobinsonmgt #style @prada #London#fashionmodel60#realwhitehair#realsilverhair#realgreyhair#classic#beauty#digitalassistant @tomfrimley#photographerassistant#samford#prada#Voguebrazil I want to ad some precision as Eve had to cut a lot off more than 2 hours interview …Some things are quite suspended for me without their proper context… especially important regarding my children…when I said "I would love to not have my kids" it is not by regret to had them, but because of being non powerful in the difficult time they face in their lives.They have been through very, very hard time, going through extremely serious human experiences that no one could spare them to go through and this is very very hard for a mother or any parent to see our children suffering and unable to do anything to relieve their moral, emotional or physical pain. It is may be selfish but more I age and more I feel that it is a responsability not to take lightly to bring humans being to life …I was so young and had no consciousness about the seriousness of this mater but paradoxically I had a vivid awareness of the sacred of Life to the point that my uncomfortable position, being pregnant so young, was much less important than letting the process of life that was at work in my body.

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Testing light…

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Comming back from my lovely dentist ?

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